Robson Galharde

Robson Galharde, is a Gospel Inspirational Singer & Performer.  Robson was born in Brazil on the 22nd of April 1978 and is a Born-Again Christian and a Pentecostal-Messianic Bible Preacher.


Robson has a huge stage and pulpit experience with more than 15 years, played with many bands, preached dozens of sermons, directed the Church "Deus é Amor" in the Parque das Nações, Santo Andre, SP, Brazil and taught the English Language to future Missionaries in Brazil. Besides that, Robson taught singing classes at schools in Sao Paulo and coordinated community choirs.

Robson has studied British English since he was a child and has strong bonds with Sunderland, Tyne, Wear, and the North of England. He studied an English short course at the University of Sunderland being helped by the University's Leader of Culture, Professor Dr. Felicity Breet. Robson fell in love with American Country Music a long time ago and being in Sunderland where the British folks inpire everything, he decided to be a country singer.

During his short service time in the Army, Robson was a member of the Army band, "TG" Tiro de Guerra, in Santo Andre, SP, Brazil.

Robson has a great Testimony of Healing. He was healed of depression and was told he had Muscular Dystrophy and would be confined to a wheelchair the rest of his adult life. But the LORD YESHUA  made these things disappear and now Robson can walk and is getting better and better every day.

Nandu Valverde - Shocking Art Recording Studio Sao Paulo, Brazil